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Interesting and educational!

"A year in the life of a beekeeper who keeps bees in skep hives "

The videos presented here are beekeepers in Europe. The method of skep beekeeping used here is one of the ways we used to keep bees in early America.

Around the mid 1800's the removable frame (comb) bee hive was invented. Eventually, as time has gone by any form of bee hives that do not have removable frames have been outlawed in America. The main reason for the law is that the comb has to come out for the inspection of diseases and parasites and the treatment there of.

I have been keeping bees since 1987 and I have quickly come to the conclusion that I am watching master beekeepers here in action! Beekeepers will get more out of watching these videos then the person who has never kept bees. Never the less, anyone who enjoys history and working with nature at its finest, will enjoy these videos. 

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