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Bees in a soffit by a chimney

Same nest opened up

High up

Comb removed from the soffit above. These are 5gal. buckets

Bees between the first and second floor

Same nest that is on the left

Very gentle bees, outside underneath a covered back patio.  Robert's grandson Josh

This colony is about 3 weeks old

 Bees are in the roof over hang (soffit) Same house with the soffit opened.  This nest is 4' long
You are looking at the backside of the soffit board Another view of the nest
Bees under a house Bees under a house trailer

Bees going in under the roof shingle

Same house, the bees are in the wall

Bees going in the back of a recliner chair left out on the patio for the dog to sleep in. No wonder the dog wouldn't sleep in the chair!

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