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In order to be successful in controling honey bees, you have to be very diligent in your approach, because the honey bees are very diligent in everything they do. They are not distracted, they don't have tv, airconditioners, cell phones, or anything of the such, they are not distracted! You have to understand once they have decided to move into the walls or roof of your house they are going to do it, period! You have to either physically catch them and move them somewhere else or run them out with a chemical.

For a long term solution you have to seal up all of the holes in that area once the nest and the bees has been removed. The problem I constantly see on jobs when people seal up the holes themselves and still get bees again is they don't understand the amount of area that has to be sealed, or don't understand the proper way to caulk and what is the best caulk to use. Some holes even require a wire stuff-it with caulk.

If you have a location that is very hard to get to, either to high or to dangerous to reach, with Robert's technique you will be able to reach them and use a chemical to run them out on a "as needed basis".

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